I’m fairly new to Docker and am having some issues in understanding the best way to set this up. I inherited a project where the Makefile will set up the project and then build the image however my boss made it using a few Ubunutu commands that don’t exist on […]

FROM alpine:3.4 RUN apk update RUN apk add vim RUN apk add curl ​ What does apk stand for? Been searching so far but no result eeven in docker documentation submitted by /u/zzstormriderzz [link] [comments]

Community is a backbone of all sustainable open source projects and so at Docker, we’re particularly thrilled to announce that William Quiviger has joined the team as our new Head of Community.  William is a seasoned community manager based in Paris, having worked with open source communities for the past […]

Hi I have been learning about docker from last few weeks now. I understand the basic concept and can run a docker container on my mac. My question is, I have several websites currently running on shared hosting. Some of them are famous and need more computing power and bandwidth […]

HPA (Horizontal pod autoscaling) changes the form of Kubernetes workflows by increasing or decreasing the default number of pods depending on CPU and memory. HPA also helps reduce costs. But the default metric is not necessarily the most relevant. Here is a way to customize your Kubernetes HPA with RabbitMQ […]

My work is migrating monolithic workloads to EKS and I have played around a lot with GKE but EKS integrations seem to be more complex from OIDC to EFS drivers etc. I did run through eksworkshop but are there more resources that help get work type hands on as compared […]

I have a docker compose file here to setup librenms for metric graphing. https://pastebin.pl/view/87d6fb28 I have the docker-host container to create a consistent name so that I access the underlying host for SNMP gathering. That works. I also added a reverse proxy so that I can get to TCP/8000 (web […]

Hi, I have nexus docker registry with nginx proxy in front. Now this docker registry and my docker client exists on different countries.When I do docker pull sometimes pulls can be slow on some layers and if I stop pull and pull again or restart docker speed goes back to […]

So to start, I’m not new to kubernetes but I’m also not anywhere near a guru. I was recently given a set of apps in this product to work on and migrate to a new AWS environment. During this process after getting the apps into kubernetes and all that jazz, […]

— apiVersion: v1 kind: ServiceAccount metadata: name: fluentd namespace: kube-system — apiVersion: rbac.authorization.k8s.io/v1beta1 kind: ClusterRole metadata: name: fluentd namespace: kube-system rules: – apiGroups: – “” resources: – pods – namespaces verbs: – get – list – watch — kind: ClusterRoleBinding apiVersion: rbac.authorization.k8s.io/v1beta1 metadata: name: fluentd roleRef: kind: ClusterRole name: fluentd […]

I’m very new to kubernetes and I’m trying to understand load balancing and scaling, everything isn’t completely clear to me. My understanding is that in kubernetes, there are clusters, clusters can contain one or more nodes (which are essentially just VMs/physical servers running kubernetes), a node can contain pods which […]

Kuberernetes vs Docker : Docker Limitations a) Dynamic IP: The issue with docker is it utilizes a unique IP address. At the point when we restart the compartment the IP address will change since IP isn’t static in Docker. b) Ephemeral information stockpiling: In docker stockpiling, we have Ephemeral stockpiling, […]

Hey guys, do you ever have the case that after the pod receives SIGTERM signal, it sill needs to reach outside(for example, saving local data to external storage, sending a request to external resource, or reaching to redis) to finish current work, then safely to close the service? I have […]

I would like to ask for a help to create a docker-compose file for an openvpn-client. I tried dperson/openvpn-client and I couldn’t make it work. (don’t even know how to get logs of the reason why) Despite of being a guy from Microsoft world (professionally) I decided to use Linux […]

I appeared for CKA exam first time on 15th September 2020. I would like to share my experience to get advice from those who have successfully cleared it. The questions all seemed doable to me but I was facing issues when I sat down to actually solve those problems. I […]

Want to run Windows PowerShell in Docker Container, on mac book. Unable to pull Windows image as Docker run time is set to linux, and there is no option to change it to windows. But Docker desktop in windows gives option to change runtime from linux to windows. Is there […]

I’m familiar with deploying through cloud but this time round it’s slightly different and would like some inputs from the experts here as I have not tried this before. host is a windows machine and can I use Windows Scheduler to run daily based on the instruction belowhttps://datatofish.com/python-script-windows-scheduler/ objective : […]

I’m working with a Harbor registry that was set up by a third-party contractor just before my arrival. The SSL certificate from GoDaddy expired a while ago, and I got to find out about it when my coworker couldn’t pull images. Anyway, the root of my problem is how to […]

Expected behavior: All static files to be copied into /code/staticfiles inside the container and mirrored on the host after specifying a volume in docker-compose.yml using: volumes: – ./staticfiles:/code/staticfiles Actual behavior: The proper directories are created on both the container and the host, but the static files are not collected in […]

Hey docker folks. As the company “docker” got aquired by mirantis and rather lost its position on the hype train, and big OS vendors starting to shift to alternative container engines, do you find yourselves using such alternatives in production? Which ones do you use? Are you actively deprecating usage […]

Hi all, I’m new to docker and i would need help with an issue. I have a contiener with only my nordvpn on it. I also have the other 3 apps in separate contiener has well and they all use the network created by nordvpn. When i try to link […]

Hi! Title contains the question. I’m quite new to docker and web apps in general but have seen a few examples of people running a separate docker container for queuing tasks and other containers for processing the task. At the moment I don’t require more than one worker, just a […]

Newbie here trying to learn some docker stuff the hard way. Does anyone have a good technical resource (with labs) that would help a old school server admin transition to a docker/kubernetes/devops ish kinda person? TLDR; Can someone explain to me where the 3306/tcp comes from? in the output of […]

  The New Stack has just released an updated eBook on Kubernetes, “The State of the Kubernetes Ecosystem,” and so this week on The New Stack Context podcast, we’ve invited TNS analyst Lawrence Hecht to discuss some of the analysis he did for this volume. We covered Kubernetes adoption in […]

Currently practicing exercises for the CKAD exam and I am on the fourth exercise on here: https://github.com/dgkanatsios/CKAD-exercises/blob/master/a.core_concepts.md I first did this: kubectl run busy –image=busybox –restart=Never –command — env -o yaml > busy.yaml and when i ran cat busy.yaml i got back pod/busy created when i was expecting the yaml […]

LightStep sponsored this post. Austin Parker Austin Parker is the Principal Developer Advocate at LightStep and maintainer on the OpenTracing and OpenTelemetry projects. In addition to his professional work, he’s taught college classes, spoken about all things DevOps and Distributed Tracing, and even found time to start a podcast. Austin […]

I have services communicating internally with each other (in the form of http://{service}.{namespace} and need this to be TLS encrypted. ​ Is there a best practice/route to follow for this? I can’t seem to find anything solid from my investigation (ie: how should I manage certs?) submitted by /u/WolfPusssy [link] […]

Hello there, so, I’m trying to create a docker-compose.yml file that starts a web-application and a MariaDB database. Example: “` version: “3.7” DEV DOCKER services: app: build: context: . dockerfile: ./docker/dev/app/Dockerfile command: python manage.py runserver volumes: – ./project/:/usr/src/app/ ports: – 8000:8000 env_file: – ./.env.dev depends_on: – mariadb mariadb: image: […]

Prisma, from Palo Alto Networks, sponsored this post. Chris Tozzi Chris Tozzi has worked as a journalist and Linux systems administrator. He has particular interests in open source, agile infrastructure, and networking. He is senior editor of content and a DevOps analyst at Fixate IO. If you work in DevOps, […]

Hey all, I’m curious to hear how you mainly use kubernetes dashboards (e.g. Lens, Octant, official k8s dashboard etc.). I think the visualization aspect (Read operations) is really helpful for minimizing time wasted on repetitive kubectl commands to navigate k8s objects, but I noticed that every k8s dashboard also supports […]


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