I scribbled down a few notes while installing Kubernetes. If you’re new to Kubernetes they might be of interest. https://github.com/tonsV2/kube-notes I also made a small “Who Am I” application using Kotlin and Micronaut. https://github.com/tonsV2/whoami-mn Initially I intended for these to be my private notes but I’m posting them here so […]

Guys, I have no clue how to go about this, and I was wondering if someone could help me out. First of all, I am a newbie in the world of Docker, and I am doing my best to grasp as much info as I can. So… I am able […]

Learning docker and starting to look for a container before installing anything in the cloud. I would often apt-get postfix and install a relay to a gmail account. I’m finding this image but its running off an old ubuntu image. Also there is a line in the Dockerfile that i’m […]

Hello r/docker I’ve deployed a mysql container using docker-compose (persistent volumes, mapped port, etc), which works fine with my joomla (also deployed in the same .yml file) I’m now trying to add a new database in that container so I can use it for a drupal install (I know in […]

How should I deploy node microservices in docker and what should I use to manage my containers? What’s the best way to deploy it to cloud? ECS?These services will be serving an Angular app in FE. I’m a noob in the world of containers so please pardon my silliness. submitted […]

Hi Everyone, What’s the proper method of installing Docker? Is apt-get install Docker.io sufficient? I watched some YouTube videos that used this approach whereas the documentation appears to go a different and more secure route. So my question is does Docker.io perform the same tasks under the hood as with […]

Non-exhaustive list of features : HTTPS support with transparent Let’s Encrypt automation State-of-the-art web security : HTTP security headers, php.ini hardening, prevent leaks, … Integrated ModSecurity WAF with the OWASP Core Rule Set Automatic ban of strange behaviors with fail2ban Block TOR users, bad user-agents, countries, … Detect bad files […]

Hey all, I’m looking for early adopters for a notifications platform project I’m currently working on. If anyone has a need to monitor their kubernetes infra. On the tech / infra side: We support quick integration (< 5 mins) on Heroku / GitHub / Netlify / K8S as well .. […]

Having an issue when I am running docker-compose up… Everything runs fine but my small problem is the some how docker-compose does not open the ports. I am using a nginx container that is just hosting a simple static website submitted by /u/Zadique [link] [comments]

CloudBees sponsored this post. Jenkins has emerged as a powerful — and the most popular — tool for achieving continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD). According to a CNCF survey, Jenkins owns 58% of the market share in the CI/CD software platform market. The platform’s popularity, among other things, is […]

I’m dealing with some source code that I’d like to containerize that has some X11 dependencies. To be clear, it’s mainly a CLI application, but it still obnoxiously requires the X11 headers to build. Anyway, on a fresh AWS instance running Ubuntu 18.04, I can get by with installing * […]

KubeCon + CloudNativeCon sponsored this post. GitOps is often synonymized with continuous delivery for Kubernetes. More broadly, GitOps takes the best practices of DevOps — collaboration and breaking down silos, version control, automated testing and compliance, and, of course, continuous integration — which is usually applied at the application layer, […]

Hello, We are looking for some chaos monkeys/agents for k8s that not only kill random pods but also simulate network issues, latency, etc. Are there any good ones that you use/recommend? submitted by /u/cccuriousmonkey [link] [comments]

I’ve been having a very unusual problem with my k8 cluster. I have a service which fronts a web app. Routing to the web app over http works fine. However, when I add a tls section to the spec as follows “tls”: [ { “hosts”: [ “mydomain.com” ], “secretName”: “ca-key-pair” […]

Hi, First of all I am very new to both Docker and the Linux world so sorry if this is stupid questions. I am running DietPi on my RPi4 and so far I have been able to install Docker, Portainer and PiHole in different containers without any issues. However, I […]

Hi Everyone, I work for a state agency providing software and support to K12 schools. In our state, there is a software development team which provides accounting and payroll software to our organization. That software was recently redesigned and implemented with Docker. This was my first experience working with Docker, […]

Thundra sponsored this post. Emrah Samdan Emrah is VP of Product at Thundra. He is enthusiastic about serverless, observability and chaos engineering. With so many serverless offerings available, making the right choice can be problematic. Getting a straight feature comparison is challenging, as the actual operational characteristics of each serverless […]

Following last year’s release of its WebAssembly Hub, Solo.io has released a proposal for a new WebAssembly (WASM) Open Container Initiative (OCI) image specification that it says will “define how to bundle WASM modules as OCI images to make it easy to build, pull, publish, and execute.” Although Solo.io is […]

can someone explain what this flag does exactly. The documentation does not explain for me. In what situations will it be used. I have seen it used outside of a kubectl command with exec in it and I got confused submitted by /u/inTheWorkforce [link] [comments]

I am working on a pretty tightly locked down cluster. At the moment I have 1 https entrypoint in to my cluster. So the cert is for the 1 hostname ect. ​ I am trying to get https://mydomain/kibana to route to the svc kibana-kibana:5601. However, the ingress for “mydomain” is […]

I managed to get my little test cluster into a bad state yesterday. I was trying to add a new node. I ran add-node from my intended master and then ran the join command from the new node, as usual. So far so good. This was my third node so […]

I tried to change the hostname of one of my nodes running microk8s on Ubuntu Server and everything broke: services could no longer find each other over DNS, nodes in my cluster couldn’t find each other, etc. My nodes all have static IPs that didn’t change and I joined nodes […]

I have 5 containers inside a docker-compose script, all of the them have restart unless-stopped clause. However this morning I found one of the containers had stopped/crashed with no restart. Is there any way to restart that one crashed container without having to docker-compose down and bring them all back […]

CloudBees sponsored this post. Doug Tidwell Doug is Technical Marketing Director at CloudBees. Do you want to learn about how large organizations like Fidelity implement DevSecOps at scale? How Capital One streamlines its software delivery using Jenkins pipelines? Why does one global software and services company argue, tongue-in-cheek, that DevOps […]


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