I’m running an ubuntu image on my Mac using docker. I have a dir on my mac volume-mounted to a running instance of my ubuntu image. I’m curious to know how both the ubuntu instance and my mac are able to read the files in my mounted volume. MacOS uses […]

Rancher and SAP have been working on a dedicated verification of SAP Data Intelligence 3 (SAP DI) on Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) cluster and Longhorn storage platform. This blog will guide you on how to properly install SAP DI on an RKE cluster. Learn more about at Installation Guide for […]

I was re-reading On Infrastructure at Scale: A Cascading Failure of Distributed Systems and one of the takeaways was to have more, smaller clusters. What do you consider “small”? Consider an mixed workload of various different pods that requires 150 nodes. Would you consider that a small cluster? Or would […]

Read the full blog > tl; dr Microsoft releases Confidential Workloads for AKS Azure Monitor support for Windows container log collection AWS App Mesh Controller For EKS Now GA Node auto-repair now enabled by default in GKE submitted by /u/Kube_fan_510 [link] [comments]

The garbage collection of resources is an essential aspect of a computing system. In Kubernetes, GC is implemented as the controller object, & follows foreground, background cascading deletion and orphan deletion GC strategy. https://medium.com/@abhioncbr/garbage-collection-in-kubernetes-88a60d6a5409 submitted by /u/abhioncbr [link] [comments]

Fairly new to operating docker. I have about 10 services and apps running in my single docker instance. Some launched with compose, some hand launched with command line, some launched with portainer. Some of them are sharing bridge networks, and file systems etc. It seems like it would be smart […]

I have explored CSI and few tools like Velero,Kanister etc But I would like to understand few usecase based approaches like 1.How do teams manage restoring backups on an existing environments in kubernetes. 2. During service level migrations tests. 3. Disaster recovery of a single service in a application. Note: […]

Following the previous article where we saw how to build multi arch images using GitHub Actions, we will now show how to do the same thing using another CI. In this article, we’ll consider Travis, which is one of the most tricky ones to use for this use case. To […]

I’m moving some systems to Kubernetes with a cloud provider for scalability and reliability. Database and Redis will be staying on their dedicated servers. My question is not necessarily unique to kubernetes but a problem that surely kubernetes users would face. How do you handle firewalls on your external servers […]

Does Logging inside of a Docker Container use the Logrotate Config File of the Host System? Or does each Docker Container have his own logrotate config? How to delete logs from Docker Containers properly? submitted by /u/MrACreep [link] [comments]

Hi , I am using 1 master 2 node architecture for my e commerce website, but my elasticsearch pod is not starting as it is giving crashloopBackoff , is it because of memory, because I know that kubernetes will restart a pod if there is not memory to allocate, but […]

hi all i recently deployed a nextcloud server via docker-compose on my server. This is now files.mysite.xyz i’m thinking about adding another docker image, (moodle, it’s an open sourced learning management system), which would be accessed via learning.mysite.xyz . I have never done it before, I’m just wondering can i […]

Manage containers in namespaces by using nsenter Image Image by Kaserei from Pixabay Isolate Linux container resources by using namespaces. Manage your namespaces by using nsenter. Read the full article on redhat.com Linux Containers Posted: July 8, 2020 | by Sreejith Anujan (Red Hat) Topics:   Containers  

Save time at the command line with HTTPie instead of curl Image Image by Chuk Yong from Pixabay Automate testing endpoints, downloading files, and submitting forms with HTTPie. Read the full article on redhat.com Career Advice Take a sysadmin skills assessment Posted: July 8, 2020 | by Jonathan Roemer Topics:   […]

Hi! I would like to use docker on my windows machine and was following the instruction to get “docker desktop for windows home edition”. As I don’t fulfill one of the requirements “Build 19041” because my computer uses build is “build 18362” cannot proceed. According to the information it cannot […]

I’m hoping I’m missing something simple here. For kube-proxy, I need tcp idle timeout to be 45 seconds. I’ve tried setting this in kube-proxy configmap (tcpEstablishedTimeout: 0h0m45s), and also in the kube-proxy startup ( –conntrack-tcp-timeout-established=45). Connections are not being timed out as expected. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks. submitted by […]

So I wrote a quick summary on how to leverage the Docker build cache. I often see Dockerfiles that lead to a very inefficent use of the cache – hope this is helpful for beginners. https://dominikbraun.io/blog/docker/how-the-docker-build-cache-works submitted by /u/dominik-braun [link] [comments]

Hi everyone, I have a remote Docker container running Python code I would like to Debug. For debugging purposes, I’m using `Pycharm` (Python IDE). The IDE connected to the remote interrupter and let you debug code from your local machine. So far so good. The problem is that `Pycharm` need […]

Guys, I am in a team of a startup company, we are developing a website’s backend using Azure Kubernetes(AKS). We have about 10 microservices running on a cluster using a couple of Azure resources. For developing environment, we’re branching from master branch to develop features/bugs-fixing, we’re using local cluster by […]

Is minikube the only tool that can create a Kubernetes cluster? I’m currently following this interacitve tutorial – https://kubernetes.io/docs/tutorials/kubernetes-basics/create-cluster/cluster-interactive/ And is there any difference when using kubernetes in macosx vs in linux? submitted by /u/Oxffff0000 [link] [comments]

Hi, I run my http services on eks Kubernetes and using service type as Node port or Load balancer. Can the community give some idea to capture the metrics based on http status code like 4xx, 5xx and 2xx. Since service type as node port and Loadbalancer uses native Amazon […]

We are pleased to see Porter (https://porterlb.io), an open source load balancer designed for bare metal Kubernetes clusters, is now included in CNCF Landscape! Learn more about this tool! https://kubesphere.io/conferences/porter/ ​ https://preview.redd.it/879w5jf23k951.png?width=2038&format=png&auto=webp&s=1bc1d3959c0399fcec849419a02a1067580427c1 submitted by /u/KubeSphere [link] [comments]

I had recently attempted to install InvoiceNinja dockerized but failed. This is a useful guide on how to properly install it. I think it can benefit a lot of docker newbies (like me.) Invoice Ninja Installed in Docker PS All credits to u/davidnburgess34 submitted by /u/rushxs7 [link] [comments]

Hi, Questions in the title! I have an existing docker image that I would like to make into a consul agent. However all the consul resources online require me to pull the consul image, then presumably put everything I had on top of it, which I don’t want to do. […]

I have trouble using a build arg for a condition in Dockerfile. This is my conditional statement: CMD if [ “$VAR” = “ok” ] ; then echo “true” ; else echo “false” ; fi I will set ARG VAR=ok one line before and this will echo false! Although RUN echo […]


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