I’m just starting to get involved with dockers and I have come across with several implementations which follows a more modular design paradigm. I was wondering if there is any actual value in sepparating my services in different containers (for example, running my mailer service and my api in different […]

One of the biggest attractions for automating application operations is that automation tools will always be able to respond faster than a human intervening manually. This is true for tasks like scaling and failing over — and it’s also the case with responding to security vulnerabilities.  “At the end of […]

How to setup Kubernetes on your local machine that runs cassandra cluster with at least 2 nodes and run given XYZ application with 3 replicas connected to the above mentioned cassandra cluster. This application must be load balanced among pods. In the end you must setup a Jenkins pipeline that […]

So I’ve been planning to use WSL 2 for my airsonic with docker but I can’t seem to mount /mnt/ directory where my library reside. Is there any configuration that I missed or docker desktop for WSL 2 currently cannot access windows filesystem within WSL 2? submitted by /u/Frenzy7fz [link] […]

Trying to figure out why my dashboard pods won’t come up after an update to 1.16.9 kubectl get deployments shows the dashboard with 0/1 pods ready NAME READY UP-TO-DATE AVAILABLE AGE coredns 2/2 2 2 251d coredns-autoscaler 1/1 1 1 251d dashboard-metrics-scraper 1/1 1 1 15h kubernetes-dashboard 0/1 0 0 […]

Alexander Kainz Alexander Kainz has been in IT for over 20 years. Java, Python, JavaScript and Smalltalk are his programming languages of choice. His focus has been on the enterprise especially in the financial industry. In his career he has worked in Germany, USA, Australia and finally Thailand. He is […]

My dockerfile is minimal at the moment: FROM ubuntu:18.04 RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -yq apt-utils lsb-release dpkg wget tcpdump net-tools openssl build-essential cmake software-properties-common gnupg The image builds successfully but I see this warning: debconf: delaying package configuration, since apt-utils is not installed I see this package is […]

Hi, I just did some kill, delete, evict testing and noticed in horror that postgres loses data. Is this by design or am I doing something wrong, it seems the postgres container gest the quick shutdown event and in my book it should persist data. Thanks submitted by /u/GoTheFuckToBed [link] […]

Hi All, I am trying to do an overlay for pod affinity the base doesn’t have it so I am using the following in my overlay, I have tweaked it a few times and still no luck. kustomize.yaml patchesJson6902: – target: version: v1 kind: DeploymentConfig name: waterline-app path: resources-patch.yaml resources-patch.yaml […]

I can’t launch portainer with my docker compose. Also im running traefik but atm I am just trying to access the http web ui of Portainer at http://localhost/9000 When I run a Docker ps the container appears to be stuck in a restart loop. Portainer YML Excerpt: https://pastebin.com/cXLyFtkA Thanks submitted […]

I have simple K8 configurations. I had 3 nodes with 2 masters. I have installed MetalLB to cluster and deployed nginx web server. It added external IP address and it could access. Then I deleted one master node and tried, still I could access to nginx instance with same IP […]

I cant afford these expensive tools.. so i have to opt for the numerous opensource ones out there.. i need the expert opinions and recommedations of what has worked best before orchestration to run security scans (cis and cve) and runtime security.. are they integrable with the ci cd pipeline […]

I have a CronJob which runs every hour apiVersion: batch/v1beta1 kind: CronJob metadata: name: mypod namespace: mynamespace spec: schedule: “0 * * * *” successfulJobsHistoryLimit: 1 failedJobsHistoryLimit: 3 jobTemplate: spec: template: spec: containers: – name: mypod image: myimage imagePullSecrets: – name: secret restartPolicy: OnFailure When the pod fails, I can […]

Building, saving, and loading container images with Ansible Image Need a quick way to create and utilize Linux container images across hosts? Look no further than Ansible. Read the full article on redhat.com Editor’s note: This article covers utilizing the Ansible docker_image module for working with containers. But if you’re using […]

Red Hat Insights: Your very own security consultant Image Image by Omar González from Pixabay Let Red Hat Insights advise you on how to better secure your Linux systems. Read the full article on redhat.com Christian Labisch is a Red Hat Accelerator and is not employed by Red Hat. A […]

Hey! I want to host multiple wordpress sites on one server using docker. I have three ways in mind an not sure which one would be the best. One wordpress and one mysql container for each website Multiple wordpress container and one shared database container Custom docker container, with wordpress […]

Hello All, I am looking for Kubernetes jobs with 1 year experience, I am flexible to work remotely anytime. Please do contact me if you have any positions. I reside in Bengaluru India, If you are looking for low budget people who are ready to work immediately. I can work […]

I’m doing cost comparison for GKE vs OpenShift dedicated (on GCP) and so far I have the following numbers: GKE: master nodes: free infra nodes: not needed (logging/metrics/routing/registry) implemented as separate services in GCP 4 worker nodes (n1-standard-4): 4 vCPU, 15GB of RAM each with 1 year commitment – $350/mo […]

Available for the next 3 days all courses and Practice Tests for only 9.99$ each. Please check out the courses at the below links which will take you to the discounted price page on Udemy: NEW RELEASES Microsoft 365 Fundamentals MS-900, with hands-on Labs Learn the fundamental concepts and advance […]

My Blog Post: An ASP .NET Core app hosted in Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) that is accessing an Azure SQL Database using Azure AD Managed Identity. https://roykim.ca/2020/06/29/database-patterns-with-azure-kubernetes-service-part-2-azure-sql-db-and-managed-identity/ The benefit is the ability for the application code not to use conventional SQL credentials of username and password stored in configuration files. […]

Hey guys im having serious trouble understanding how I can use docker for the following; Host os is ubuntu 18.04 running on a 250GB ssd Host is running nextcloud (ports forwarded to access exteenally) 1 6TB drive ext4 The following drives pooled using btrfs 2X4TB, 2X2TB, 3X1TB What I want […]

Hey everyone! When it comes to using Docker and Docker Compose for local development (on MacOS if that makes a difference), I’ve seen two different methods that other devs have used. I’m still a little bit of a novice when it comes to the Docker environment, so I’m wondering what […]

I’m building a multi-language container for local testing only. At the moment I’m including python2, python3 and nodejs, though I will add more later. Here is what I tried first in the dockerfile: FROM ubuntu:18.04 RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y apt-utils lsb-release dpkg wget tcpdump net-tools openssl build-essential […]

I’ve been really getting into docker the last couple weeks, coming from a background knowing what it was but never having used it. So it’s been quite a learning curve. I’ve been looking for something to do with an old Mac mini, and this was perfect for it. I installed […]

Dell Technologies sponsored this podcast. The tools and technologies DevOps teams rely on for infrastructure-as-code certainly have changed, especially as it has begun to scale for storage. At the same time, the tools, technologies and platforms that started in the hyperscale, cloud native applications and their DevOps environments have actually […]

When working with the UK Home Office back in 2016, the team behind Appvia learned a lot about how developers work, and what works for them — and what doesn’t. That project involved building a large, multitenant Kubernetes cluster, supporting more than 700 developers working on 400 apps. London-based Appvia […]


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