Hello I want to containarize my flask app and my mongo annd connect them. I have already containerize the flask app. my current code Dockerfile for flask container FROM python:3.8-buster WORKDIR /ergasiav3 ADD . /ergasiav3 RUN pip install -r requirements.txt CMD [“python”,”app.py”] I have a db.py with the connection to […]

According to the 2020 Jetbrains developer survey 44% of developers are now using some form of continuous integration and deployment with Docker Containers. We know a ton of developers have got this setup using Docker Hub as their container registry for part of their workflow so we decided to dig […]

It looks like a lot of people took interests in my comment regarding sidecar injection for Vault, so I thought I’d share an example of a community member whom showed me the way based on Ricardo’s demo from Hashicorp. https://github.com/gitrgoliveira/minikube_demo https://slack.k8s.io/ submitted by /u/zerocoldx911 [link] [comments]

The Ancient Greek maxim, “know thyself” is one of the hardest for security organizations to carry out, especially in an ephemeral, multicloud world. “We all have this problem of understanding ourselves and knowing what resources we have, the users out there, how things are connected,” said JupiterOne founder Erkang Zheng. […]

I’m noob into container world. I’m thinking about starting my journey with Mumshad’s courses on kodekloud. Are they any good? Or are there any other better options? What’s the difference between what they’ve on kodekloud portal and their same courses on Udemy? On the portal it’s annual subscription and quite […]

I’m wondering about how large some of the larger individual clusters running out there are in terms of: total cores total memory installed total pods running total nodes running platform (aws, bare metal, etc) I’m especially interested in those folks running on bare metal — but regardless, I’m curious about […]

Please excuse me if this has already been asked/answered. I searched through topics and didn’t really find exactly what I was looking for. Anyways, I’m fairly new to docker and learning as I go. What I’m trying to accomplish is have a dedicated docker “server” with interfaces eth0 and eth1 […]

Richard MacManus Richard is senior editor at The New Stack and writes a weekly column about what’s next on the cloud native internet. Previously he founded ReadWriteWeb in 2003 and built it into one of the world’s most influential technology news and analysis sites. Multicloud is a term that gets […]

Stumbled upon the DoD ironbank image repository recently, and it got me thinking about this. Ignoring the line of business (e.g. Banking, Healthcare, Treatment), is container hardening overrated? Considering a subset of best practice is used, like running containers as non root users, not exposing more ports than necessary, updating […]

I had a weird issue where once I updated, Docker wouldn’t started. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling. I went into the GitHub issues and there are over two pages of open issues from the past few days on the same exact issue I’m having. If you’re facing the same issues, follow along here: […]

Cloud native object storage provider MinIO was selected as one of four storage companies to aid with VMware’s creation of its newly released vSAN Data Persistence platform. VMware’s platform aims to provide a way to run “stateful” cloud native applications on VMware’s infrastructure. The idea behind the partnership is to […]

Hi, I started playing around with Docker and so far it’s been a pretty good experience. I installed it on my RPi4 (DietPi) and added Portainer and some containers like qbittorrent etc. However, there seems to be some downsides running it on the Pi because of the ARM platform, some […]

I am using the following docker-compose.yml and Dockerfile files. After the successful build, I can’t find MySQL server running on the db: container. Can someone review and tell me what I am doing wrong here. —————————————————————————————————————————————————– [[email protected] mailit]$ ls conf docker-compose.yml Dockerfile Dockerfile.01 docker_mailit_20200919.tgz [[email protected] mailit]$ [[email protected] mailit]$ [[email protected] mailit]$ […]

I have a docker compose file containing ten or so services. I deploy these on various cloud providers at different locations around the world. The deploys are identical except for some environment variables. Currently I use docker machine and a shell script to manage this, but it feels like the […]

I have a server with a stack (services) running with one of them being nginx. Do I have to enable IPv6 to be able to access the web app via an IPv6 client? My colleague from another country was able to access his dev app (also running in Docker) via […]

Hello Wonderful Docker Community, I am just starting in the field of Containers. Are there any relevant certifications that can be obtained from Microsoft or Amazon AWS. Amazon has a bunch of options for devops such as AWS Certified Dev Ops Engineer, etc. Same thing with Micorosft, but there is […]

Hey all, so I finally got crashplan going on OMV by using Jlesage/Crashplan docker-compose which looks like this: version: ‘3’ services: crashplan-pro: image: jlesage/crashplan-pro build: . ports: – 5800:5800 volumes: – /srv/dev-disk-by-label-bigdrive/config/CrashPlan:/config – /srv/dev-disk-by-label-bigdrive/media – /srv/dev-disk-by-label-bigdrive/torrents So I got the thing up and running and I can visit the port […]

Hello guys! I am new in Docker and I am trying to make an api using flask and mongodb I already made the api and now I just want to contanarise it with Docker. Every tutorial I watch does something complicated and makes the api from the start using Docker. […]

I recently started learning Docker and thanks to some very helpful people on this sub I’ve managed to make a really good start. I avoided learning it for ages because I thought it was too complicated or scary, but actually it really doesn’t take a lot to get started. I […]

Hi guys! Hope you are safe and kicking, I announce that version 1.19 is out! It supports now k8s 1.19 and cri-o 1.19. https://github.com/kubealex/libvirt-k8s-provisioner It will provision: Loadbalancer machine with haproxy installed and configured for HA clusters k8s Master(s) VM(s) k8s Worker(s) VM(s) It also takes care of preparing the […]

Was hoping to find a pinned article on the best way to setup docker. I did my first run setup of it, with the basic least possibly touch, so let docker decide where to run itself. I want to reinstall and do things right. Run docker with the right user, […]


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