Hey guys, I’m new to docker and I need to import a linux image, I have looked around a lot but can’t get around it so I thought about asking here. I have two options: a Windows Server 2016 machine and a Windows 10 Enterprise vmware. From what I have […]

Hey y’all, ​ I’m working on deploying an Angular + Flask webapp with Kubernetes as I have pretty decent experience in it, just not for this particular application. Currently, the entire Angular app is located in one container/pod, and the Flask REST API is separated into three separate containers, each […]

Has any work been done on multi-provider configurations, for users intensely concerned with redundancy in the event of annual outages? For example, how can you deploy a Kubernetes service so that pods rest atop AWS and GCP, or GCP and Azure, or Azure and self-hosted hardware? As a precaution against […]

I am starting with Kubernetes, but the documentation isn’t great. I’ve been reading guides on security, and the biggest concern that I always am seeing is that the API is open for unauthorized requests by default. I’ve tried this on port 10250 and my requests to /pods and /metrics get […]

I am running docker 19.03.3 on ubuntu 2020 I cannot connect to the internet from inside the docker container when my host system is running a full VPN tunnel to the office. With partial tunnel, or VPN off, the docker container can access the internet. But with the full tunnel, […]

How can I grant a ClusterIP service an external IP? I’ve made externally-accessible LoadBalancer and NodePort services but I can’t find a straight answer on how to make a pod associated with a ClusterIP service externally-accessible. I’m using GKE, and the pod serves a webpage but only on the cluster […]

“Rancher has solved a host of issues facing us as a publicly funded organization – driving predictability, easing cluster management and upholding the right security profile. Rancher was the obvious choice to meet these goals.” Chruz Cruz, Senior Infrastructure Architect, MPAC Every day, thousands of property owners in Ontario access […]

Hi, Anyone has Rook running on K3OS? Have 4 Node cluster Rook-ceph get up and running in not time and all looks good till I pull OSD out. After node reboots the OSD is not added back. I is stuck in Init:CrashLoopBackOff and has following events: MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume […]

Hello, so I’ve been working with Kubernetes for a while now, and I decided to now take a look at Istio as well. I did set it up, but noticed that now apparently my previous LoadBalancer “entry” service does not boot up anymore (External IP Status pending). I then read […]

I am using Terraform to provision nginx and PHP containers within a Kubernetes cluster on Azure. However, the nginx container is giving a CrashLoopBackOff error. The DockerFile I used to build the nginx container ends with a command [“nginx”] which I thought would ensure the container always runs. I then […]

In this series we will talk about migration of an existing Symfony project to Kubernetes (K8s). No matter where and how you currently publish your application: bare metal machine, VM, container orchestration platform, by following this guide you will be able to deploy it to a K8s cluster; PART ONE […]

I am using 2 node cluster, it will be running properly but after sometime, memory utilisation will become 100% and my some of the pods will be restarted. I checked logs of that node which experienced 100% memory, at 1st it showed oom will then docker failed with exit code […]

when docker will fail with 124, can anyone please explain. I am getting this because , one of my k8 node will experience 100% memory usage and docker starts failing with 124, so, when docker 124 will occur and and what happens to container when this happens. ​ Thank you […]

Hello, I am still getting started with docker and learning a lot. I would like to take the linuxserver/transmission container and modify it so that it runs a VPN client before starting Transmission. Here is the source container: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-transmission I modified the Dockerfile to download the VPN client, but I […]

This is probably an obvious question but all my searching doesn’t seem to be finding the answer, likely because I just don’t have enough info to ask the question correctly. I have a simple php website. Four files. In my Dockerfile and the docker-compose.yml file, the container is created successfully […]

Hi All, I am studying the rancher crtitification. Here is one of video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pJCaCNWlKA&feature=emb_title In this video, they are actually mentioning the helper container creation and mount the volume of main ranncher container (sweet ritchie here) into other helper container to back it up. Here is how the command […]

There are some Dockerfiles that uses nproc command to build this or that, but the result of nproc is the same as for the machine which built the image. For people who don’t really remember: Print the number of processing units available to the current process, which may be less […]

Hi, ​ I’m fairly new to docker so hopefully I explain this correctly. What I am trying to do is, on the host server where docker is running, I want to map a folder to a path within my docker file structure. I understand docker volumes can help with this, […]

Cost saving has now become the most important objective for organizations than ever before. Here’s two cents on how you can leverage spot instances of #AWS for cost saving in #KubernetesClusters without compromising on stability. https://devtron.ai/blog/how-to-use-spot-to-achieve-cost-savings-on-kubernetes/ #K8s #Mircoservices #Docker #DockerSwarm submitted by /u/Devina_Shingal [link] [comments]

Hello, I am looking to pass an environment variable to a secrets.yaml file that will create a secret in a kubernetes namespace. apiVersion: v1 kind: Secret metadata: name: my-db-secret namespace: test data: SecureString: $DB_PASSWORD But when I run a kubectl apply -f I get the error below. ​ Warning: kubectl […]

Hello, not sure if this is exactly the right place for this, but I’d like to hear some opinions and possible advice. I’m new to Kubernetes and to learn it, I decided to use it on a little project. I have some plans automate my VMs provisioning using kubernetes (sorta […]

Thank your for helping out a Kubernetes newbie. So far I have learned that Kubernetes makes utilizing a cluster of machines much easier, and this is also the reason why I am trying to learn Kubernetes in the first place. But then when you search for Kubernetes tutorials and courses, […]

Building images using Podman and cron Image Image by jurapolle from Pixabay How to combine Podman, cron, tea, and a shower to update images Read the full article on redhat.com Linux Containers Posted: July 13, 2020 | by Tom Sweeney (Red Hat) Topics:   Containers  

Hi, I’m trying to stand-up a Control Plane server as part of a new cluster with kubeadm. I’m doing this on an Oracle Enterprise Linux 7 (OEL7) server, which meets the minimum hardware spec. The issue I’m having is my pods are timing out on create, I believe this is […]

3 best practices for working on a distributed team Image Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels You’ve been thrust into remote work but it can be productive as well as pleasant. Read the full article on redhat.com Career Advice Take a sysadmin skills assessment Posted: July 13, 2020 | by Jonathan Roemer Topics:   […]

TL;DR: Learn how to recover from cluster failures by breaking them intentionally. During the last months I have been learning K8s. I have baremetall and cloud clusters with K3s, RKE and microk8s. So far, the weakest part of my understanding is disaster recovery. What if I put the company load […]

Is it possible? network-create expects something like eth0.2, but natively created interfaces have vlan0-like names. I think it should be possible to manipulate with bsd-name, but will it work? Don’t want to screw with OS’ guts to discover that it doesn’t really work anyway. submitted by /u/talmuth [link] [comments]