Anyone using portshift? Thoughts on it vs Stackrox? Looking for a k8s-focused security solution and like both the approaches. Really like Portshift’s use of istio/envoy Looking for (in no particular order): 1. Ease of use 2. Need to customize vs built-in rules/policies 3. Use of network flows to understand and […]

Hey everyone! I am new to docker, and my question is: If I wanna make a nextcloud container, and I want to access it from outside my house, how do I do this? ​ Hopefully you can help me out! submitted by /u/smoothoperator26 [link] [comments]

Thundra sponsored this post. Emrah Samdan Emrah is VP of Product at Thundra. He is enthusiastic about serverless, observability and chaos engineering. In these extraordinary times that modern enterprises find themselves in, the ability to scale digital infrastructure seamlessly to meet volatile demand is as critical as ever. However, lean […]

The Linux Foundation sponsored this post. Open source foundation members are well-served. Almost three-quarters (72%) of organizations that frequently contribute to upstream projects get above-average value from their membership in open source foundations, according to our recent “Open Source in the Enterprise” Open Source in the Enterprise survey. Yes, this […]

Prisma, from Palo Alto Networks, sponsored this post. Theo Despoudis Theo is a Senior Software Engineer, a consultant and an experienced mentor. He has a keen interest in Open Source Architectures, Cloud Computing, best practices and functional programming. Rolling out infrastructure for complex environments is not easy. It requires consistency […]

Hey Guys, I am trying to use ksniff to validate mTLS between services with istio. I cannot see any SSL Client Hello message with wireshark. Has any one tried with istio? submitted by /u/san360 [link] [comments]

Container Optimized OS is great from a security perspective, but out of the box, you can’t use it with docker-compose. After some fiddling, I was finally able to get it working (with private container images in by running a custom docker-compose container (with the gcloud docker-credential-gcr credential helper built […]

For those who have sat for the exam, did y’all have to write yaml files from scratch? Is that something i should be practicing? submitted by /u/inTheWorkforce [link] [comments]

One microservice is exposed to outside world and it sends traffic to other containers. Docker compose I used : “` version: ‘3’ services: mysqlServer: container_name: usagemeter_db image: mysql/mysql-server:latest command: –default-authentication-plugin=mysql_native_password env_file: ./mysql.env networks: – backend volumes: – ./mysql-data:/var/lib/mysql frontend: image: frontendimage build: context: . dockerfile: Dockerfile network_mode: “host” env_file: ./api.env […]

Hi, I’m using docker-compose for a react app(simple node12 image) but hot reloading is not working with VSCode and docker container extension. Also if i change the files directly on container hot reload ia triggered sometimes, not everytime. Windows 10 with docker version submitted by /u/nipu_ro [link] [comments]

Microsoft just announced Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI at the Microsoft Ignite conference. Azure Kubernetes Service on Azure Stack HCI is an on-premises implementation of the popular Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) orchestrator, which automates running containerized applications at scale. Azure Kubernetes Service is now in preview on Azure […]

Hi awesome people 😊, I have a problem with Helm and ingress-nginx. I deployed an ingress-nginx Chart: $ helm list NAME NAMESPACE REVISION UPDATED STATUS CHART APP VERSION ingress-release default 1 2020-09-22 10:19:32.333628652 +0000 UTC deployed ingress-nginx-3.3.0 0.35.0 When I try to deploy an ingress resource, which looks as follows: […]

I need help. I am practicing some hands on exercises and I keep failing one in here: The “Create a temp busybox pod and connect via wget to foo service. Verify that each time there’s a different hostname returned. Delete deployment and services to cleanup the cluster” part. The […]

Hey Disclaimer Obvious things first – I am not competent with IT administration, networks nor with kubernetes. As a developer, I want to set up kubernets locally inside VM’s as a playground – so I do not require foolproof solutions or even ‘proper’ solutions. Description Currently, I can access all […]

Hi, Iam trying to set up an automated media server in docker containers via docker compose. I found this cool project: but I’am quite new to docker so I hope someone can help me to get started. Docker (compose) is already part of my QNAP/NAS, so I’am able to […]

In our first post in our series on CI/CD we went over some of the high level best practices for using Docker. Today we are going to go a bit deeper and look at Github actions.  We have just released a V2 of our GitHub Action to make using the […]

Hi, How can I export kubernetes deployment config without managedfields? When I use –export things like status gets hidden but managedfields stays and is very annoying submitted by /u/sukur55 [link] [comments]

Dear all, I’m come to the point that I don’t know what to do anymore. I found the following bridge : I somehow can’t make it to work. After executing the Docker file, with touch Dockerfile docker build . -t my_image the machine stops at step 7/9 and gives […]

CloudBees sponsored this post. The first in a series of CloudBees’ software delivery management modules for its software delivery management platform became generally available Tuesday, as the firm continues to widen its offerings beyond Jenkins and continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) management. While software delivery management systems help to support CI/CD, the […]

Hi everyone, I know this is silly question but I am not getting any satisfactory answer anywhere by reading. We know that containers are kind of independent from host OS, but if that the case.. a Linux container should be run on Windows OS? I usually work with RHEL containers […]

Since early August I’m trying to report malware repositories that cloned the original open source software and published it under different names with typos, mimicking the docker images present in the official account. List of malware repositories: They all were […]

Hey all. I’m a complete beginner when it comes to docker (and most server stuff). Can docker be used to host “elastic” dedicated game servers? That is to say, the game servers would be persistent across many months, but they’ll only use substantial resources for maybe 10% of their active […]

Hello everybody, Tansanrao here! This post is to guide you into setting up a Multi-Master HA (High-Availability) Kubernetes Cluster Lab/Dev Environment on bare-metal servers or virtual machines. This is my first of many posts in the Kubernetes Bare-Metal series, feedback would be much appreciated! submitted by /u/tansanrao [link] [comments]

What is everyone’s take on these products for an environment with 3+ clusters within a VMWare on-premise environment? Ease of use, stability, cost (support), etc. I know this isn’t much information to go off of but would like to hear everyone’s personal experiences with these products. submitted by /u/jaybreed [link] […]

“Transforming large manufacturing organizations like Continental is a huge technical and philosophical challenge. The emphasis is on finding the most intuitive and efficient way to modernize while maintaining competitive advantage. Kubernetes and Rancher will help us achieve this.” Roland Paxián, Manufacturing Infrastructure Team Lead, Continental When you think of Continental, you […]

Hey Guys! Don’t miss a FREE Kubernetes event Thursday, next week. The virtual event is going to have over 25 different speakers, some cool sponsor booths, plus a camping set giveaway raffle for those who attend. You don’t have to come but I figured I would get the word out […]

I’ve created a kubectl plugin kubectl-reap. This plugin allows us to easily delete unused resources. It currently supports Pods, ConfigMaps, Secrets, PersistentVolumes, PersistentVolumeClaims, Jobs, PodDisruptionBudgets, and HorizontalPodAutoscalers. You can install it kubectl krew install reap. An example usage: “`console $ kubectl get cm NAME DATA AGE unused-config-dev 1 40s unused-config-prod […]

Hello- I am just starting to learn docker so please forgive my noobness. I am running an ubuntu server and have downloaded the kali docker image (kalilinux/kali-rolling). The docker image seems to be working just fine, I can access my home network, the internet, etc. What I would like to […]