I recently started learning Docker and thanks to some very helpful people on this sub I’ve managed to make a really good start. I avoided learning it for ages because I thought it was too complicated or scary, but actually it really doesn’t take a lot to get started. I […]

Hi guys! Hope you are safe and kicking, I announce that version 1.19 is out! It supports now k8s 1.19 and cri-o 1.19. https://github.com/kubealex/libvirt-k8s-provisioner It will provision: Loadbalancer machine with haproxy installed and configured for HA clusters k8s Master(s) VM(s) k8s Worker(s) VM(s) It also takes care of preparing the […]

Was hoping to find a pinned article on the best way to setup docker. I did my first run setup of it, with the basic least possibly touch, so let docker decide where to run itself. I want to reinstall and do things right. Run docker with the right user, […]

the other two containers I have are in use perfectly. This happened yesterday in a show when i tried to change subtitles then it just stopped working. My Plex container log is empty but the terminal says: ​ Starting Plex Media Server. Error: Unable to set up server: sqlite3_statement_backend::prepare: file […]

I want to create little online game and i want to use Docker to serve one game instance. The user can create a game server and this will start the docker server, where he can play with his friends. I want to know if Docker is fast(0-15sec.) at spinning up […]

Hi guys, I’m new in docker, I have a couple of questions about web development CI/CD. I would like run my php/mysql website in docker. I would like to create compose file as well that every change on this repository destroy the old container and create a new one, so […]

I’ve been digging through linuxserver.io’s GitHub to try to figure out how they make environment variables prefixed with FILE__ get set from the value in the file and without the prefix just use the variable directly. I can’t seem to grasp how they are setting those. I want to put […]

Hi, I will be taking Linux Foundation CKAD certification, Im going through their material but I feel like it doesn’t explain things well enough for me. I’m very new to this maybe that’s why. Any recommendations on what I could use to supplement my learning? submitted by /u/pantscience [link] [comments]

There is a PR in kubernetes repo which suggested to drop dockershim. In this PR, we start the clock on removing dockershim in a subsequent release. Does it mean docker will not be supported by kubernetes in the near future? submitted by /u/ismail783 [link] [comments]

Hello everyone. I have a question regarding multi-stage builds. I have an application that is build in a multi-stage Dockerfile. On the first stage i build an application and in the final second step i copy the binary from the first step and run it. My Question is, if someone […]

I am looking for solutions to create backups of PVC on demand. I was looking at using Rclone job to backup the files by attaching to the same PVC. But before getting my hands dirty wanted to know if there are better solutions out there. Thanks in advance. submitted by […]

I’m upgrading a server (including OS) used for some small personal (but public) projects and looking to improve the operations at the same time. The current set up is: Bare-metal MySQL server Nginx/LetsEncrypt reverse proxy (probably will switch to Traefik) Application containers build on-host from cloned repos Two multi-container applications, […]

On Monday, Phil Estes is joining me on my live stream to get hands on with containerd. As part of this session, I’m looking for questions to cover and discuss with Phil. If you have anything, leave them here! I’ll do my best to cover them all Thanks https://youtu.be/zmL4tTk9MJ8 submitted […]

Docker is a platform as a service(PaaS) product that is used to use applications on containers and Kubernetes is a container orchestration platform used to manage multiple containers. Check out the video on Kubernetes vs Docker or read the blog which covers: Docker and Kubernetes Overview Kubernetes vs Docker Docker […]

Heya – I’ve got Docker running on Ubuntu, Mac and Windows (WSL2). I’m getting really consistent issues arising from file system differences – most often, by running images (such as dpage/pgadmin) that do chmod commands – that fail because of the Windows file system. Obviously, the same images work fine […]

I have a host and I want two separate macvlan networks on it, but when I run it, I get this: $ docker network create -d macvlan –subnet= –gateway= –ip-range= -o parent=enp1s0.20 pubnet e1955dfdc63c9096cba4673da22bea079b62569aebb4491bb34b51ccb8160d30 $ docker network create -d macvlan –subnet= –gateway= –ip-range= -o parent=enp1s0.10 piholenet Error response from daemon: […]

Hi, I have encountered an issue while resizing Pvc with help of kubectl, is it possible to edit size of pvc with kubectl edit pvc pvc-name command ? When i try to do this, it gives error. Any suggestion what to do to fix this submitted by /u/aftabsial [link] [comments]

Hi all, I had trouble installing Docker desktop but eventually found a solution and thought it would be good to share it here. This is if you get this message when trying to install Docker: Docker Desktop requires Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise (15063+) or Windows 10 Home (19018+). ​ Solution (taken […]

Ok so ill try to be quick about it but the bottom line is coronavirus torpedoed my family business (health, fitness, weight loss, charity), and we can no longer sustain our cloud computers and crm solutions 😭😭 A friend suggested I set up my own server with all open source […]

I just got into docker and I am thinking of building my own dockerfile with an ubuntu image, that installs all the packages I need and set the .bashrc how i like it. With that in mind, I was looking around the web for a place with a collection of […]

Hi, I’m trying to migrate some containers from a failing system to a new one. The issue is I can’t seem to get the config to go with the containers. If I do an inspect on the old system I see mount points, networking etc. On the new system I […]

Hi all, I would like to get some more ideas of what people are using for real production scale deployments? More often than not I find myself testing tools like terraform, helm and being awed first until I realize again that I can do more complex deployments faster and in […]

I’ve been working with k8s for about a year now, but only recently started exploring some of the abstraction tools — I’ve been doing most things through manual kubectl apply up until now. I’ve also spun up clusters completely from scratch (following k8s the hard way), using Terraform, and using […]

I want to create a project that uses vanilla HTML/CSS/JavaScript on the front end, but node and express on the back end. I’m doing this to have a better understanding of JavaScript, more than really being efficient. I like to allow my projects to be usable on my devices without […]

Deepak Jannu Deepak Jannu is a B2B technology marketer with expertise in product marketing, corporate communications, sales enablement, and digital marketing. As the director of product marketing at OpsRamp, Deepak responsible for high-impact product positioning and messaging that drives awareness of OpsRamp’s disruptive ITOM platform. As with any groundbreaking new […]


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