Hello everyone, I’m new to Kubernetes and looking for distribution/configuration/anything, that will allow skip most of initial setup burden like installing ci/cd, container registry, git hosting and so on, something like Openshift/OKD/(RH code ready containers is not an option too), but manageable on single 2core 8gb node. Is there are […]

Hi I tried setting up a GRE Tunnel to my home server using this guide. https://community.hetzner.com/tutorials/linux-setup-gre-tunnel It works for things like https but anything being run in the docker container does not go the VPN and times out. I’m not sure what is causing the problem but I know it […]

I finally got my plex up and running again after multiple database corruptions. I decided to delete everything and start from scratch while following this guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nyN2D4MKfM&t=307s Everything works well as I am able to log into Plex through docker though I wanted to know what “Critical: libusb_init” and how […]

Hi. I’m using docker-toolbox with VS2019 because this machine doesn’t have W10 Pro. I followed the instructions to install docker-toolbox, and then I followed the advice here https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45869766/how-to-get-docker-toolbox-to-work-with-net-core-2-0-project to try and make ti work with VS. I’m using a default ASP.NET Core 3.1 Project that compiles and works without Docker, […]

Context: We are working on dynamic game servers for a social platform (https://myxr.social) that transport game and video data using WebRTC / UDP SCTP/SRTP via https://MediaSoup.org Each game server will have about 50 clients Each client requires 2-4 UDP ports Our working devops strategy https://github.com/xr3ngine/xr3ngine/tree/dev/packages/ops We are provisioning these game […]

Ever since I used the Redash compose file, no matter what I do when I try to run docker-compose on another docker-compose.yml file in any other directory, the command always gives. docker-compose up -d ERROR: .FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/opt/redash/docker-compose.yml’ and I have no idea why. […]

I’m after a tutorial to route traffic of some of my containers I want to either have the vpn traffic for just specific containers or have the vpn be active for the whole of the server but route certain contains around it – either is fine with me Is there […]

I have general understanding of and moderate working experience with linux, AWS infrastructure, Docker, containers. I have a general understanding of K8 (like the free course from cloudNativeFoundation) and of microservices architectures. But I never used k8 in a real production environment. I have operational experience with small saas applications…traditional […]

Next to debating which programming language is the best, there’s nothing better than arguing over code editors, amirite? Well, this week’s entrant to that debate has declared that we have entered the era of Visual Studio Code, with the Microsoft-developed editor having “reached unprecedented levels of popularity and refinement, laying […]

Hi, I’ve got some trouble with my .ENV file, its not getting recognized by docker compose on my nas (qnap), does anyone has a solution for this? I’ve saved my .ENV file in the same directory as the docker-compose.YML file, but everytime I try to execute the command: docker-compose -f […]

Hi, I am trying to teach myself the next level of docker, which for me is using it in a swarm. I currently have 3 Raspberry Pi 4 (2×4 GB 1x2GB). The 4GB are currently both running docker not in swarm mode with something like 20 containers in my home […]

I’m helping a small startup with a couple of kubernetes microservices on GKE. Right now, it’s small enough that there isn’t an automated build or deploy pipeline at all. Now, we’re trying to move to the next stage and set up build/deploy (and test). So between helm and kustomize, Jenkins […]

I use Service Account Token Volume Projection. this feature not reference service account secret resource for auto created. I don’t need auto created service account token secrets. I would like disable auto create service account token.What should I do? submitted by /u/kerfume [link] [comments]

Although WebAssembly was created for bringing advanced programming to the browser, Solo.io’s founder/CEO Idit Levine has been a vocal proponent of using the portable’s fast open source runtime to extend service meshes — citing Solo.io’s own work in offering tools and services to support commercial service mesh operations. In fact, […]

Hello all, My team is currently considering Kubernetes for a number of reasons, but one of the big reasons is the advanced deployment options Kubernetes brings to the table. I know k8s built in deployment option has support for Canary and Blue/Green deployment, but everything I’ve seen is that’s just […]

I need to migrate from openshift 3.11 to rancher. Has anyone done that? please share your approach. what is the best way to convert yaml manifest from openshift to rancher? we are using kustomize on rancher side submitted by /u/jagdip [link] [comments]

https://github.com/TheYkk/logger Is ELK stack alternative log scraper for K8S. TheYkk logger reads the container logs in the host path and sends them to MongoDB by shredding them with regex. ​ https://preview.redd.it/4z5g8zutmcp51.png?width=1281&format=png&auto=webp&s=93336bf97b67e241fa57967734cdce14e0e94ac7 Supports 25 Parsers https://preview.redd.it/4w71g1vtmcp51.png?width=1732&format=png&auto=webp&s=1dfe2ff670e66fc151f2f4761a97e9120ed6baeb Average log size ~ 700 byte https://preview.redd.it/uprjtxutmcp51.png?width=1487&format=png&auto=webp&s=d4e38c71a8f6cc5bd242c50df8fd4b22bcc89d40 submitted by /u/theykk [link] [comments]

Hey, I’m new to kubernetes, I do have pretty good experience with docker and I know the concepts of kubernetes. So I decided to dive straight into it, already deployed a single node k3s on a docker container(using k3d), next I tried to self host a rabbitmq on my cluster […]

Every network admin on the planet knows this dirty little secret: We’re running out of IPv4 addresses. This was an inevitability, given how wide-spread the network and network devices have become. Even on your LAN, you sometimes have to use subnetting, simply because you’ve found the devices on your massive […]

We would like to get candid feedback from the Kubernetes developer community regarding our playbook engine that enables auto remediation of Kubernetes alerts. Based on community feedback, we have now made a downloadable version that users can install on-premise and try it out. Here’s the medium article detailing the solution: […]

TL;DR This article explores modern honeypots that leverage containerization by walking through the design of a high-interaction honeypot that can use arbitrary Docker containers to lure malicious attacks. Introduction While honeypots have been around for a very long time, this article will attempt to provide a fresh look at how […]

Hello Reddit! I’m working on creating a private terraria server using docker. I tried to get my brother to connect however he couldn’t. we are all on the same network as the server, I have the server open and using the proper IP and port yet he can’t connect. Does […]


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